Joining AGRA

There are two categories of AGRA membership:

AGRA Members

Professional researchers who have been engaged as genealogists for a number of years. AGRA Members have been accepted following a scrutiny of examples of their work and their business practices.

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AGRA Associates

Associates are generally less experienced than AGRA Members, or are in the process of gathering together their Membership application. AGRA Associates have not yet had their work assessed but have submitted their Business Plan for assessment.

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Application Dates

Interviews for membership will next be held on Friday, 1st September 2017, at the Society of Genealogists in London.

Applications are invited from those who do not hold the Diploma in Genealogy from the Institute of Heraldic of Genealogical Studies (and are not required to complete a Research Assignment) by 16th June 2017.

Applications as Associates of AGRA and from those who wish to become Members, having been awarded the Diploma in Genealogy from the IHGS, should be submitted by 31st July 2017.

Places are limited and further applications cannot be accepted once they have all been filled.

Box A, 14 Charterhouse Buildings
Goswell Road
London EC1M 7BA