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AGRA Conference 2016
17th September 2016

On Saturday 17 September, genealogists enjoyed a full programme of lectures on the theme of "Demolishing Brick Walls"

AGRA's first conference, held on 17 September 2016 in the Fisher Building at St John's College, Cambridge, attracted a wide range of delegates.

The speakers were John Titford ("Barking up the Wrong Tree" - a series of cautionary tales), William Spencer (using 19 and 20th century service records to overcome stumbling blocks in research), Rebecca Probert (the crime of bigamy), Colin Chapman (using pre-1841 censuses to break down a brick wall) and Helen Osborn (proof in genealogy).

There was also a choice of workshops on DNA (Debbie Kennett), Business Records (Eric Probert) or Problem Solving with a panel of AGRA experts (Ian Waller, Les Mitchinson, Simon Fowler, Antony Marr, & Geoff Swinfield).

Box A, 14 Charterhouse Buildings
Goswell Road
London EC1M 7BA