Ian Marson FGRA

Ian Marson

Ian Marson, a genealogist of over 30 years experience founded Linklines research in 1998. He has over 30 years experience in Genealogical research.

Linklines offers a wide range of genealogical research solutions and has over many years traced thousands of relatives for hundreds of personal, corporate and legal clients in many parts of the world.

Specialist research services are available for the legal profession, including beneficiary tracing worldwide and property research in the Yorkshire Deeds Registries.

Ian is retained by Sheffield Archives & Local Studies as Genealogist & Record Agent for their in-house research services. 

Ian is a partner in the Genealogy UK Group, a cross-border service covering research in all of the UK and beyond but specialising in Northern England, the Borders and Scotland. Ian and his business partner Janet Bishop are the only two AGRA members that have been accredited to undertake Scottish research,  

As a member of both AGRA and ASGRA (The Association of Scottish Genealogists and Researchers in Archives) we can offer a unique cross border service for our Clients.

Ian is a Fellow of and former Chairman of AGRA and a member of ASGRA Council

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Telephone: 01302 238007

Email: info@linklines.co.uk

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I was once again impressed with the progress you have made in being able to find so many pieces of my family history jigsaw puzzle

Richard Parmalee

I received your report just a few hours ago, I would like to thank you for your really excellent work. Very thorough and very rewarding to me

Michael Harrison

This case was very complex, We could not have found all those beneficiaries without your assistance 

NWS Solicitors

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