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Autumn meeting of the South West Network Group
13th November 2017

AGRA professionals from Cornwall, Devon, Somerset & Gloucs met up in November

What started as a general discussion on DNA testing and results as they relate to genealogy revealed that we had an expert in our midst who explained the different types of information given by the various test providers, backed up with data sheets and explantory family relationship sheets.  Only one other member had used the results of his own test and this had helped to break down a brick wall.  None of us felt confident to interpret clients’ results. A full AGRA Study Day on DNA tests would be welcome, perhaps with a ‘surgery’ for people to bring their own queries to the experts. 

We also discussed managing client expectations, particularly in terms of when the research might be carried out. 

As always we brought along some useful books and website suggestions.

Our Cornish member pointed out that the Cornwall Record Office will close from May until December next year, 2018, while the archives are relocated to a new building.

At both this and our previous meeting we have welcomed established researchers in our region who are considering joining AGRA.

Our next meeting will be on 12th March 2018.

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