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Peter Clifford

Who I am

Operating as Forefathers Ltd. and based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England, I provide a professional family history research service across the UK and Ireland, including work in London, but specialising in my local area of Gloucestershire and the neighbouring counties and cities (Worcestershire, Wiltshire, Bristol, Somerset, Glamorgan, Warwickshire, Oxfordshire, Herefordshire and beyond).

I have over 30 years experience as a family history researcher, 6 of those as a professional, and hold the Higher Certificate in Genealogy from the Institute of Heraldic and Genealogical Studies.

If you have a genealogy project you need help with, however big or small, whatever the geographical focus, I'll be happy to see if I can help.

Don't know where to start?

I can do the work for you, or, if you prefer, work with you.

Made a start, but hit a brick wall?

I can try to get you over that brick wall.

Can't get to England (or this part of England) to do the research?

I'm here already. Let me do it for you!

If you're not sure whether using my services is the right thing for you, just phone or email me and I'll be happy to explain what I could do for you. I can quote for a simple lookup at a record office, taking as little as half an hour, or for several months' work.

Worried about costs?

It's true that research can be open-ended (you can spend a lifetime looking for your ancestors if you are so inclined!), and it can be hard to predict in advance how long things will take, or in what direction enquiries might lead. That's why I always like to agree a budget for the research I undertake on your behalf, then do what is possible within those limits, keeping in close touch with you at all times, updating you on progress regularly. At the end, I present our results and give you some ideas for further research, and then let you decide what else I should do for you, if anything.

Having agreed a budget with us in advance, you can be sure you will not get billed for more than you were expecting.

Contact Peter Clifford

Telephone: 01242323550

Mobile: 07545696366


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What a great service! Detailed, in-depth and very well presented family history going back 7 generations. I’m now making a second purchase for another family name. 

Deno Chapman

I have found Forefathers an excellent family research organisation and Peter Clifford has done a great job with my family history. He has an in-depth skill to both interpolate and extrapolate data and has provided me and my sisters with a window to our past. Thank you very much.

Robert Newton Wilson, Victoria, Australia

Over the months that I have been associated with Forefathers Research, through my contact, Peter, I have found him to be most professional and honest in his approach. He is friendly, courteous and easy to talk to. He provides timely and informed answers to my questions. In this respect, he seems to be one step ahead of me, anticipating my questions, for I no sooner pose them when his informed reply arrives - responses that often require some degree of research on his part. This I really appreciate, given both the different time zones between the UK and Australia and my impatience in wanting answers.

In particular, Peter has been most helpful in uncovering family details that defied the best efforts of my family for many months and years in some cases. Despite our many fruitless searches for family details of arrival in the land of Oz, Peter was able to not only tell us who and when, but also the names of the ships they emigrated in. Whereas we were expecting to find only British flagged ships, Peter found the details not only in a British flagged ship, but also in a Dutch flagged ship as well, on charter to the British Government. Who would have thought to look there but an experienced genealogist!

His local knowledge of the UK system is most invaluable, especially for those of us that live in the Antipodes, or across the Pond.

It therefore gives me great pleasure to recommend Peter without hesitation to anyone who is interested in, or thinking of, engaging the services of Forefathers Research.

Raymond Hockley, Canberra, Australia


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