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Rita Pettet

Family History Detective is a friendly professional business based in Poole, Dorset. 

I have been researching my own Family History for many years and have been succesful in tracing my family back to 1580.  Over the years I have also worked part time in a Record Office and chaired a Family History Group.  I take pleasure in finding "elusive" ancestors and helping clients to break down "brick walls".

Advice and quotes provided without obligation.

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I first met Rita at a local Family History Fair.  So very glad I did.  Her extensive knowledge & passion for family history is second to none & her help has been invaluable in pointing me in the right direction when I’ve hit a stumbling block (of which there have been many).  Rita is a warm & friendly person & willing to go that extra mile to help.  An absolute treasure.

Sally Pettifer

I attended one of Rita’s talks having just a little interest in family history.  I then decided to look into my husband’s family history as an “easy start”.  We knew that there were some family secrets but did not know to what extent they really were.  We found that his great-grandfather had a "secret" second family and that my husband is a descended from that family.  Rita has researched all avenues of research available to her and it has been fascinating and invaluable to find out so much that my husband did not know about his ancestors.  Rita has been so thorough and so approachable and dogmatic in her work that I cannot recommend her highly enough

Carol Norris

When I commenced my research I obtained some relevant information myself, but to get a real  feel of my ancestry I needed to employ a Professional. One of the first things that Rita found out was that my ancestors had been Methodists, something that I never knew about, and then she uncovered various things that I would not have considered, but still intriguing. I was aware of my great grandfather's "fancy" gravestone - quite befitting a somewhat "self made man", but it now seems that somewhat substantial gravestones is a recurring theme - given that it appears that his ancestors do not appear to have been anything special!! She has also uncovered some interesting information with regard to my grandmother's surroundings immediately before her marriage.

Carlos Romero

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