About AGRA

What is AGRA?

AGRA was founded in 1968 to maintain and promote high professional standards in the field of genealogy and historical research, and remains the professional body that all can rely upon for excellence. AGRA is also prominent as a representative voice in matters relating to genealogy. All our Members and Associates agree to abide by a stringent Code of Practice and AGRA welcomes those who can attain and maintain the highest standards. There is also an arbitration system in the unlikely event of a complaint, thus safeguarding AGRA researchers and their clients.

Commissioning Research

Because AGRA is a professional association it does not as a body undertake research. Prospective clients should approach Members or Associates directly as only they can accept commissions. Besides family history and genealogy they specialise in a variety of related areas, including military, naval, British India, house histories, palaeography, Latin transcriptions etc. The AGRA Directory has a comprehensive search facility to help you find a researcher with the specialist skills you need.

Interested in Joining AGRA?

Candidates for Membership need to be well qualified, holding a relevant qualification in a related discipline and will have a number of years' experience in paid research. All candidates are subject to an interview/assignment with our Board of Assessors. Associate status was introduced in 1991 to help those who are relatively new to the profession who wish to progress towards Membership. However, unlike Members, Associates have not yet been assessed in their professional abilities. A pro-active Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme exists with study days and archive visits. There are also regional network groups based throughout England and Wales, which meet regularly and enable Members and Associates to gather together and exchange ideas.


A Council elected by AGRA's Members oversees administration and ensures the progressive and smooth running of the organisation.

Box A, 14 Charterhouse Buildings
Goswell Road
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