Lynne Cleaver

Lynne Cleaver

I am passionate about archives and helping people achieve their goals in their personal family history.  How did our ancestors live, where, why did they move?  Any criminals?  All those stories that make our family unique and different from every other family.  This is what family history is about.  I can do your full family history including a direct line chart or I can work from your own tree and add the detail that you may not be able to research from afar. Living in Somerset I am well placed to dig deeper into your Somerset heritage, as well as Bristol and South Gloucestershire.

I can also do specific look ups or copy documents on your behalf.  For full details of work undertaken in the past and my continuing professional development please see my website. is my research (one place study) website and is my professional site.

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If you are researching your Family Tree for Gloucestershire relatives and especially the Cheltenham area I can thoroughly recommend Lynne as your researcher. She has given me great help with areas to search that I had not thought of and done that for me, sometimes without prompting from me and that has been very useful.  Her knowledge is second to none and also you will find her hourly rates very reasonable. In fact some of the charges have been pro rata for the time spent: if it took 30 minutes I was charged for 30 minutes and not the full hourly rate as some do.
Lynne is always happy to answer any questions no matter how trivial they might seem to me to be.
In 3 months Lynne has found out more about my Cheltenham relatives than I had found in 10 years. 

Stuart B

Many thanks for all your hard work, I’ll look forward to reading what seems to be a book!

John L 2018 February

Thank you for the excellently prepared report, particularly the document copies.  I am intrigued to see some of the Poole signatures because my grandfather and my uncle (both Dunbar-Poole) had an artistic talent and they painted many watercolours and pastels, as well as possessing beautiful handwriting.

Michael J 2016

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