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Maxine Willett

Hello! My name is Maxine and I’m the Archive Angel.

Every day I become a story-teller, a detective and a code-breaker; researching history so my clients can uncover their origins and the lives of their ancestors, humbled or hallowed! Historical research, whether for a family tree, a past event or a specific period can be a thoroughly rewarding and enlightening experience, both for my clients and for me.

As a qualified archivist, my training, skills and twenty years of experience can help you to uncover the real story. 

Historical Research – People, Property & Local History

Would you like to uncover the truth about your ancestral heritage? Are you trying to find out more about the home you live in? Perhaps you’re producing a film or TV documentary, or writing a book, and you’d like help with some research of the local area or a period of history? 

Archiving Collections

Do you hold a collection of historical records or artefacts and you’re not sure what to do with it? Do you need help unlocking the information held within? Perhaps you would like to discuss long-term preservation and access or methods of display and exhibition?

I work with individuals, organisations and estates within the Yorkshire and Durham area to decipher, catalogue, preserve and display historical material and artefacts. 

Working with the Archive Angel

I love what I do: I’m passionate about history and I’m honoured to be asked to help tell other people’s stories. Get in touch for a free one hour consultancy on your research project.

What do my client’s say?

If you’d like to learn more of what my clients have to say, please read their testimonials on my website.

All enquiries are dealt with in a friendly and confidential manner by a qualified archivist with over twenty years experience.

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North Yorkshire

Maxine spent two years cataloguing and preserving my personal papers which extended over some seventy years and contained a variety of material relating to my climbing and mountaineering exploits. I found her professionally competent and trusted her implicitly to handle my papers with care, sensitivity and in a confidential manner. It also meant that when it came to accessing information for my writing projects, I was able to easily lay my hands on the relevant item.

Sir Chris Bonington, Mountaineer, Writer

Maxine demonstrated excellent skills in undertaking complex and challenging investigations using primary sources. She was thorough and systematic in her approach and it was clear that her archival training, with its emphasis on logic and order, stood her in very good stead when it came to arranging the material and presenting her conclusions.



Dr Alan Crosby, MA DPhil FRHistS Historian

‘Thank you for your magnificent work on the Norton Conyers archives. You are so well organised, so imaginative, so good with people and have managed to complete a difficult task most efficiently.’


Sir James & Halina Graham, Norton Conyers

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