Sharon Grant BA (Hons)

Sharon Grant

Grantshire Genealogy covers all aspects of family and local history:

- family history research

- missing relatives and friends

- reports, trees and charts

- local history research.

We are able to undertake research in all areas of the British Isles – England and Wales, Scotland, and the whole of Ireland

We thoroughly enjoy co-ordinating all the research needs of our clients and, should the results of our research take you elsewhere, we can advise you on the best way to continue your investigations.

These days more and more family history research is internet based but there will always be times when research needs to be undertaken at one of London record repositories or a local archive office. 

Being London based, Grantshire Genealogy can undertake, on your behalf, research at a number of locations, including:

- The National Archives, Kew

- The London Metropolitan Archives

- The Society of Genealogists’ Library

- The British Library

- The Guildhall Library

We can also undertake research at other areas including: Liverpool,  Manchester, Lancashire, Suffolk and Norfolk when combined with other client work.

Sharon is a graduate, in history, of the University of London, Goldsmith’s College with some 30 years of experience in the field, starting research into her own family history as far back as 1979.

Born into an army family in Germany and brought up in Lowestoft, Suffolk, Sharon is based in Ladywell, South East London. Sharon’s research into her own family history is centred mainly in Leicestershire and Warwickshire with forays into London, Bedfordshire and Nottinghamshire.

Sharon is married to a Scouser which has taken her into Liverpool, Irish and Roman Catholic family history. 


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I am pleased to write this testimonial for the genealogical services provided by Sharon Grant. I first contacted Sharon in summer of 2013 for the purpose of learning about my maternal heritage, extending as far back in time as possible but also forward to determine whether I had any living relatives from this line. My mother’s family was a complete mystery to me as my parents divorced when I was a young child, and minimal contact with her in the ensuing years prevented me from knowing much concerning her family of origin. When I contacted Sharon, I was aware only that my mother was born and raised in the UK and that she had an older brother, so I was not optimistic about making any big discoveries.

Despite the lack of information, Sharon was able to uncover many details of my heritage. She obtained numerous birth, death and marriage certificates, and eventually was able to construct an elaborate chart showing my family’s genealogy all the way back to 1802. Her tenacious research allowed for several fascinating discoveries along the way, including a name change, some interesting occupations, and an apparent death by poison.

Most important for me was Sharon’s skill in discovering living relatives. With minimal information to undertake the research, she learned that I have two living cousins in the UK with whom I had never had any previous contact. While this was a significant discovery in itself, Sharon proceeded to guide me through a process of establishing contact with these cousins who, initially, were reluctant to connect. Sharon employed a very sensitive, confidential approach in bridging communication across barriers of time, geography, and some painful family history. Ultimately, she served as the catalyst in connecting me with my treasured cousins, with whom I remain in regular contact.Whether one is looking for extensive family history or knowledge of living relatives, Sharon Grant has proven herself to be an expert in all aspects of genealogical research. I give her my highest recommendation.

P Cummings, California, USA

Thank you so much for doing our family tree. It is something we always wanted. We will mention your name to anyone else who wants family research.

D Williams, South East London, UK

Thank you so much!
We both found your report extremely interesting.
I am very grateful to you indeed for all your hard work and with the results. 
It's been a pleasure to have you working for us and you have made everything very easy.

I hope our paths cross in the future.

S Reagan, South East London, UK

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